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Respect and Leadership go together. You can't have one without the other. Therefore, it is important to know how to gain respect and to maintain morale with good leadership skills.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about respect and leadership. There is a lot to the process. Please email tips and advice to

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Respect and Leadership

Do you know what makes a great leader? Do you know how to show people the respect that they deserve or that they don't deserve? The first and most important area of leadership is to show others respect and to gain respect.

Getting Respect

Respect is really another word for admiration? Individual traits or qualities that make people good are items that can inspire admiration? For example, someone that is well spoken, well dressed, and a hard worker will get some respect.

The way to get respect is to develop the traits, in yourself, that you admire in others. Think about whom you respect and why? Most people respect others that are honest, beautiful, hard working, dress well, and that make a lot of money. You can also get respect for having a lot of friends or being fun to be around. It isn't easy to just change your personality. However, most anyone can dress well, have good hygiene, be polite, and work hard. These traits show that you do care about things and are trying and that is half the battle. People always wonder if the other person is good or not. If you put your best foot forward it helps to eliminate much of that doubt.

What Can You Do With Respect

With respect you can get others to follow you. Getting people to follow you willingly is a key point to leadership. People want to be part of something special. If people admire you, they will think that you have something special to offer and will be much more willing to lend a hand.

Once you get a following, you can then use people to achieve the goals of the organization. Great leaders will inspire respect in others and be a great example.

Why Should You Give Respect to Others

Respect is earned. It is not given freely. This statement has been the reason that so many people hold back respect. The truth is that it is important to show respect whether the person deserves it or not.

A lot of employees are not on the same level as their boss. The employees often feel inferior and wonder how they are valued. A great leader can come in and show people respect and admiration for their work. If the leader is genuine, the employee will feel much more willingness to work hard. The reason is that by being respected and valued employees feel happy to do more than is expected and that is a key component to success for any organization.

Imagine a life where people do not respect you or admire you. Then, one day, someone shows you how much they admire your hard work and dedication. They may help you feel a deep connection to the work and the vision. What will happen is that employee that was ignored for so long may now start to excel. So many times, leaders and managers make the mistake of finding fault with employees. The result is that the employees start looking for a new job. People want to be in an optimistic environment where they feel valued.

Leadership A True Story to Learn From

A good leader must follow the first rule of leading and that is to lead by example. One manager at a an upscale restaurant liked to sit and smoke in the office chair and yell out orders to everyone. Then, when something went wrong, that same manager would come over and yell at any employees that were to blame. What happened is that nobody respected a lazy smoking manager that yelled all the time. People grew to despise the manager. Upper management soon decided to let the manager go. The store was not succeeding as well as it could have.

The manager that replaced the above manager, was quite different. They would come and wash dishes with employees. They would stay late and get things sparkling clean. The manager would show an interest in how people felt and the manager wouldn't yell at people that made a mistake. This manager made the employees feel like more of a team. Sometimes, after a long shift, the manager would diffuse the stress by making it fun. For example, playing games by throwing some of the stuff around.

The result of the new manager was that the employees were happier and the store did better. The management was also much happier and wanted to keep them around.

Like most upper management, they were never happy with the numbers. No matter how well the store did, they would ask for more. After the employees were working their hardest and everyone seemed to click really well, the manager would feel stressed out by upper management. Upper management was rarely around and their idea was just to keep pushing higher numbers without regard to the effect it was having. In real life, there is only so much blood you can get from a turnip. They didn't understand this. The great manager got tired of all the pressure and games and so he quit.

The next manager had almost zero experience. The first day of work he had a meeting and showed everyone the book The One Minute Manager. He told everyone his goal was to manage the whole thing with as little effort as possible. You could see the respect factor vanish quickly as he spouted his rhetoric. He was violating the most basic rule of lead by example.

The new manager decided to change things around. He didn't talk with the employees about what was going on or how anyone felt about it. Some people had conflicts with schedules and new requirements and they weren't accommodated for. The manager was not hardly ever around. He was only going to spend a few minutes a day managing and so communication hardly existed.

What happened to a lot of employees, right away, is that they decided to quit. The schedule didn't work for a lot of people. And, the manager was never around to help work any of it out. Like upper management he would try and get people to work faster through numbers. He would say things to the delivery drivers about how they were too slow and to hurry it up. This was before he even knew how long a delivery should take. Again, people did not find favor with him and quit.

Another key point is that they manager would offer rewards for doing certain things. The rewards were false promises that would never materialize. The act of lying to employees lost the manager a great deal of respect.

To make a long story short, the manager only lasted a few months. After many key personnel quit, the quality of the restaurant went down. Sales also went down and it became apparent that the manager was a dud. Upper management fired the store manager and the story goes on and on.

Leadership Lessons Learned

Keep the Right People

If get the right person, make some effort to hold onto them. The most important part of any organization are the people. Good leadership needs to know who are the right people and then make the work environment conducive to keeping them around.

Statistics Aren't Everything

If you team is working hard and well, reward them. If you are running at 99% of capacity, don't constantly act unsatisfied with the results. People want to be valued for a job well done. Done allow upper management to demoralize a job well done because they want more profits that don't exist.

People Need Accountability

To be a good leader, you need to know what is going on around you. You can't work for five minutes a day and get good results. People need direct supervision and to know that you are keeping track of their performance. That is the only way to get people completely on board.

Lead by Example

Nearly any management dud has one core problem. They do not lead by example. So many people think that leading is resting on your laurels and giving out orders. Real leadership is by example. The great leader will work harder than everyone else, longer than everyone else, and care more than anyone else. If you do not exhibit these qualities, you should not be in leadership.

Final Tips

Respect and leadership work together. Think about every small thing you do. Will people admire you for your actions? If you are not admired or respected, your leadership will be weak and performance will suffer. All great leaders convey, with enthusiasm and optimism, goals and they do it with utmost respect for those around them. Leaders that know how to give the utmost respect will get much more loyalty and performance from employees.






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