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Respect and Leadership go together. You can't have one without the other. Therefore, it is important to know how to gain respect and to maintain morale with good leadership skills.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about respect and leadership. There is a lot to the process. Please email tips and advice to

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Good Leadership Skills

Good leadership is about developing trust to those you manage. The effective leader will learn to develop their leadership skills.

1- Respect and admiration go together. A leader must learn to get respect and admiration from others. If a leader gets respect and admiration, people will have more willingness to follow the leaders rules, counsel, and advice. A leader without respect will have an almost impossible time.

2- Determination to get the job done. The great leader is determined and focused on the goal. They are not swayed and do not give up easily. They will stick to the task and work until it is accomplished even if the price is bigger than anticipated. True leaders have that stick to it quality that can be relied upon excuses do not prevail.

3- Listening to others is a great trait for a leader to have. If the boss listens to you, you feel more empowered and that you matter. Employees that are listened to will try and work harder and be more diligent in doing the right things. When people are ignored, they feel devalued and that will lead to dissatisfaction.

4- A good leader will facilitate relationships to be good. In working, conflict inevitably arises. Good leadership will keep the conflict to a minimum. One way to keep conflict down is to train people on the importance of respect and how to treat others. People that refuse to be respectful must be shown the door. Sometimes a great leader must correct someone. Does the company allow employees to belittle and shame others? The good leader will put a stop to things like this.

5- A great leader is supportive. If you have a problem that goes beyond the call of duty, and a manager finds a way to fill the need it breeds deep loyalties to the company. There are many stories of managers helping an employee get their teeth fixed or a short term loan. These small acts or not small. The employees feel loyal and work better if they are supported. The idea that your paycheck is your only reward is a false idea that many managers subscribe to.

6- A great leader is good at communicating. The boss that takes you aside and talks to you about things is much better than one that ignores people they don't like and caters to those that they do like. Some bosses will must write down a couple things and put it on your desk a couple times a year. That is not leadership, but cowardice. A great leader will listen and talk openly with people that need it.

7- A great leader is confidential. Would you respect a boss that talks bad about all the employees? Do employees bring up things when everything they say is for everyone to hear? The great leader knows to keep personal problems confidential and to respect everyone.

8- A great leader can develop great motivation and team spirit for employees. Wal-Mart is legendary for developing team spirit. They have a cheer in the morning and get people going. A great leader will have a daily pep talk and be positive with the employees. Some great leaders also have a great sense of humor to lighten things up and help people to feel more comfortable. Good humor also helps to relieve boredom.

9- A great leader understands group dynamics. Great leaders have policies that foster teamwork. They do not create policies that cause people to fight amongst themselves.






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