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Respect and Leadership go together. You can't have one without the other. Therefore, it is important to know how to gain respect and to maintain morale with good leadership skills.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about respect and leadership. There is a lot to the process. Please email tips and advice to

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Respect Quotes

1- A admire that which I respect and I work for that which I love. Love and admiration are the keys of beauty to which I aspire.

2- When beauty speaks, in all forms, respect abounds and hearts turn soft.

3- Kindness is strength, when performed with love and admiration of values one holds dear. Kindness out of fear or avoidance of conflict is cowardice.

4- It is better to respect others than to judge them. Which of you that has no sin, please cast the first stone.

5- Respect is one of those underrated ideas that brings forth a lot of fruit.

6- You get what you respect.

7- Finding the strength to love the right things, is really the test that life has to offer.

8- Money should be respected for its representation of the value a person has to another.

9- If you aren't admired, you will never be loved. If you are never loved, you will never be happy. Even the stones of the earth need love.

10- People that denounce the weaknesses of respect values are simply the same people that are unwilling to admit that they can't perform. Does a rose wilt from competition or thrive from food, sunlight, and water?

11- If you are angry with someone, you may find value differences. The idea, in life, is to respect different values, not trying to conform the world to yours. People that suspend judgment find much more happiness than those that condemn. When you condemn one, you condemn self. Self condemnation violates self respect.

12- The highest respect is beauty. Out of beauty come all the elements of love and sacrifice required to provide for happiness. The finest joy is to see beauty in all things.

13- The person that sees beauty in all things is the master of life and many will follow because they all secretly want to have their eyes opened.

14- Just because you can't see now, doesn't mean you won't see later. Seek for pain, it will help you to see. The more you see the more you will be.

15- The heart is timid in the older years and brave as a child. If you are old, seek a brave heart by walking with children.

16- When Jesus said not to judge other people, why are all the Christians the first to pass judgment?

17- Judgment inhibits beauty and divine inspiration. To find love, seek beauty without judgment.

18- Beauty is more than just the outward appearance. When you can see inner beauty in all people, you r heart will change for good and joy will be yours.

19- Peace is knowing that your heart is good, your actions are benevolent, and God is watching.

20- I have always been afraid to respect good and so I sit in two worlds without respect for either. The admiration for good is the leader of my soul; the respect for money the canker.






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